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March Meditation


The fresh, bright, youthful season of Spring brings a welcome smile. As we turn our faces to the sun and release a sigh of pleasure. Spring smells of newness, and delights us with an array of colours from our favourite flowers, returning like old friends. As the days get brighter, the mood seems lighter as the positive ions of nature blow around.

Spring is full of ‘Creation Energy’.

Chopra Deepa tells is about the three primary energies; Creation, Transformation, and Completion. These energies operate together to illustrate the law of cycles and rhythms.

Spring brings out our creative energy, giving us a surge of excitement, passion or motivation. It shines brightly on new ideas, hope and creativity. "Its pure, It's alive, and its ready to go!"


Guided Spring Meditation

Here is a meditation for spring that you can use to feel inspired.

Find a cozy spot to relax, minimise distractions, begin to breathe, slowly and deeply.

As you settle into your space, notice how your breath connects you to your physical body, be aware of any sensations you may be feeling, images in your mind, and thoughts.

Take a few moments to think about the energy of creation and how it aligns with the start of the spring season. What does this time of year represent to you?

Meditate on the keywords that come up for you—newness, fresh blooms, passion, excitement, new beginnings.

Begin to notice how the energy of spring is stirring within you.

Now ask yourself the following questions.

What do you love about learning, creativity or growth?

What would you like to create or learn?

Is there anything you want to do, to make, to bring into your life?

Or perhaps an old idea you want to revisit and refresh?

Now that the sun is out, and the birds are chirping.

What has you feeling passionate, excited, and motivated in your life? How are you going to use this creation energy that is abundant right now?

What would you like to create? Can you see how your idea will develop?

Feel your own energy and become conscious of the sensations in your body as you breathe deeply.

From your answers, what are the key words, phrases, or feelings that come up for you? Can you make them into a mantra to help you draw transformation energy to your ideas?

As you think, feel the energy of spring growing and how you’re experiencing it internally, ask your Higher Power about your idea, project, or plan you’re thinking about. Make it for your highest good, and for the good of all who will be affected by it. Now, imagine yourself going out into this new season and beginning the thing(s) that bring you the most joy—bringing your thoughts and ideas into your external environment and making them come to life with completion energy.

See yourself cultivating and harnessing the energy of spring, both internally and externally.

Energy rises and subsides—it ebbs and flows. It’s alive and moving. Your job is to tune into the energy and harness it to create what you want in your life.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

When you feel comfortable, slowly open your eyes, take out your journal, and make some notes about what you saw, heard, felt, or experienced.


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