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Autumn the season of Vata

As we head into October, we leave behind the Pitta warmth of late Summer and early Autumn. Late Autumn brings significant changes to the world and within ourselves. As we move into the cool, crisp, ether of Vata. This is a time of movement, of air and space, of change, as the leaves let go, swirling around, settling downwards towards the Earth. Creating damp, earthy, woodiness, sensations which make us feel connect to this change of season.

Then we see the final golden tribute to nature, as she bows out under a glorious blaze of spectacular colours.

Ayurveda combines everything in the world into, Pitta dosha (fire and water); and Kapha dosha (water and earth) and Vata dosha (space and air). They are found within the human body and in the natural world, formed into these three life forces or energies. They control how everything in nature, our body, mind and spirit work.

Everyone inherits a unique mix of these three doshas. You’ll find that one is usually stronger than the others. You can do a Ayurveda personality test online, to see which is your dominate dosha.

As Autumn has changeable, cooling, light and airy Vata qualities. It can bring imbalance which can cause changes within our body and mind. Their needs to be a balance within these three doshas to holistically promote good health.

Here are some of the symptoms which too much Vata can bring:

1. Dry, stiff cracking or popping joints

2. Cracked or dry skin - lips, cuticles, face

3. Bloating or excess gas

4. Muscle stiffness

5. Restlessness even when tired

6. Inability to concentrate (start tasks but don't finish)

7. Increased nervousness or fear

8. Anxiety

9. Irritabiity

10. Disturbed sleep

We can help bring the necessary balance to stay healthy and well during the changing season. This can be done by inviting the opposing qualities or (Gunas).

In our Yoga practice we can pacify Vata by choosing grounding, steady, soothing, warm, consistent asanas, slow flowing with ease.

So this month we will be focusing on a yoga practice that helps us to let go of worries and concerns. Supporting us by gentle and gradually warming the body.

Even without knowing about Ayurveda and Vata, we unconsciously make changes seeking equilibrium.

We do this automatically by changing the clothes we wear, opting for warmer, comfier materials with earthy tones.

Or by preferring foods and drinks which are warming, such as soups, stews or porridge. We could also add warm spices such as ginger or turmeric. Tumeric teas and lattes are a personal favourite of mine. Another way to counteract Vata is to introduce self care regimes. Enjoy relaxing baths, then keep the skin moisturised with warming oils. Making opportunities to rest, by going to bed earlier or reading a good book.

If we take the time to listen to our body and honour what feels good and supportive to us, we can't go wrong.

Looking forward to guiding you through your Vata pacifying practice.

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1 Comment

Clare MacCallum
Clare MacCallum
Oct 13, 2021

Great read

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