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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Here we are in Autumn, the final quarter of the year. A time to take stock and acknowledge all that has happened, realise what you have accomplished. It is also an opportunity to look forward to see how you would like the final chapter of 2022 to unfold. A time to reset yourself, ready to enjoy this stunning season, as it draws us to the circularity of the year. It is a good time to set a new intention, thinking about what you need to focus on. Remember where your intention goes your energy flows.


It has taken me until October for my body and mind to really realise that a new season has begun. I needed to feel the chill in the air, the earthy smells of nature, to collect the conkers and see the glorious colours as nature gives her grand finale. Before it stops, then starts to fall and become grounded.


There is a shift of emphasis from: Sun to Moon, light to dark, action to contemplation, growth to dormancy, fruitfulness to composting, building up to letting go, and from movement to stillness. Now is a good time to pause after the frenetic activity of the growing season and consider how best to recuperate, regenerate, and replenish your energy this autumn.


Following the Ayurveda approach, it's time for resting from the energetic Pitta (summer). As we enter Vata (autumn), we need to maintain balance. This is done by nesting, finding our cosy clothes and coats, our favourite blankets and hot water bottles. Also by digesting, rediscovering those hearty soups, and chilli's, using root vegetables to help grounding.


I'm giving my attention and energy to the next Menopause Yoga sessions. The first one is November 26th, December 3rd and January 21st, 2-5pm.

If you need any support or guidance with any Menopause issues, then these sessions will educate and empower you to embrace this time in your life.


I will leave you with this beautiful piece, written by Jilly Shipway.

Tree Wisdom in Autumn 🍂

"With the arrival of autumn spending time around trees is the perfect way to connect with the changes occurring in nature. When you are out and about mindfully observe a tree: the leaves changing colour; the textures and shapes of fallen leaves; the sound of leaves

underfoot. Watch a leaf fall from a tree. Some people think it lucky to catch a falling leaf.

In our town centre is an ancient churchyard. It is an island surrounded by busy, noisy passing traffic, shops and shoppers. In the churchyard there is a row of tall sycamore trees, they seem so still, serene and peaceful in contrast to the relentless activity of the town around them. These sycamore trees have taught me to simply be in the midst of all the doing and to stay at the centre of the circle and let all things take their course. "



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